CAUTION! NSFW! 18+ An alter(ed) ego.

Me- TS/T-girl [male2female], post or non-op, on hormones since: 12.01.2004, single, retired, true blonde, 5'7, blue eyes, 36A, 60, not collared and 100% submissive. I like under the bust corsets, waist cinchers, fish nets, shelf bra (so nipples are exposed for access), nothing lower than 4'' heels and pleasing men with a talented tongue and mouth.

Who’s ready to be transformed into my perfect little bimbo toy?



I am *Raises hand, waving it back and forth excitedly* Me me me me me!!

Anyone with this attitude should message me (ask here, or bimbofactory on yahoo or bimbofactory on kik)

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Was going to post a picture tonight, but was too upset by Christy Mack’s serious beating at the hands of her ex-BF.

Real Men Don’t Hit Women. Period. Doesn’t matter what she does to bring home the bacon. Real Men Don’t Hit Women.

Here’s to a quick recovery for Christy, and an early apprehension of the asshat that assaulted her.

Tumblr is the perfect site…



  • Sit-on-your-ass-ery..
  • "Hoping" someone else will do what you can do.
  • Promoting passive-aggression.
  • Useless nonsense.
  • Distractions.
  • Doing nothing for yourself.
  • Doing nothing for others.
  • Doing nothing for The Natural Environment.
  • Doing nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • Displaying the ego and the lower bodies.
  • Deceiving yourself and others.
  • Missing the point.
  • Staying asleep and unaware of The ALLIS.

No wonder the Cabal sees value in it.

You have a very good point but let out

Nothing to do and Nothing doing here

Just wanted to add my 2¢

Looking for a bimbo-to be




I am looking for the perfect canvas. A girl who is ready to become my bimbo masterpiece. So I’m writing this because I am going to start taking bimbo applications from anyone and everyone who wants to apply. I would prefer a girl 18-25 who already lives somewhere in the US or…

Bimbo Factory

kik: bimbofactory

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Master wants to use His slave cock


Master wanted to use His slave cock. He got the key to the chastity cage, but it would not turn. After a couple of minutes, He remembered having this problem before. It was about a month ago, and He had used WD-40 to loosen the lock. He got the WD-40 and sprayed it into the lock. No luck. The key…

Requiem For A World

There isn’t a song for this planet,
Living breathing world of granite.
Look to its future can’t you see,
Poisoning dying slow by degree.

This passion to heal without a desire,
Bringing only muck, ruin and mire.
The worlds night light with oil fires,
Not to fear say the corporate liars.

Air smelling more foul then pleasant,
Earths people just pray to their God.
What’s the solution to this our plight,
Will it end with not an end in sight.

We opted for flight instead of fight,
Deaths door roams with it a blight.
Soon the fires slowly turn to pyres,
And living on a world that’s dying.

The requiem starts soon take a seat,
Not only a mass for the masses dead.
Requiem Mass for a planet set dying,
A Mass is for only dying or deceased.

This Mass of the Dead already arrived.

By Sheilah Say

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