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Me- TS/T-girl [male2female], post or non-op, on hormones since: 12.01.2004, single, retired, true blonde, 5'7, blue eyes, 36A, 60, not collared and 100% submissive. I like under the bust corsets, waist cinchers, fish nets, shelf bra (so nipples are exposed for access), nothing lower than 4'' heels and pleasing men with a talented tongue and mouth.

"Judgment of others is not mandatory"

15 Mind Control Techniques Both Churches and Cults Use


1. Mandatory, regular attendance

Mind control techniques and hypnosis don’t last forever. Perpetual manipulation requires perpetual renewal. That’s why Coca~Cola won’t let you turn around without seeing a Coca~Cola billboard. Of course, no cult could send their followers to basic training

After Me

Though you’re no longer here,
I can’t get you out of my head.
Seeing the places we went too,
I hear the words spoken there.

All that has gone before me,
Nothing of it which remains.
All I have now is myself to hold,
That which remains is only me.

The sum of my life only lives,
In the strong memories retained.
I cherish and guard these dearly,
For they are all that now remain.

The years will go by as they do,
In all there hurry with such a blur.
Know that you will be remembered,
With my heart & love thinking of you.

My thoughts are my words for you.

Hope Hell!

Hope is like a cruel joke without a punch line.

To Be There

If I could fly to you I would,
To spend a day and the night.
By your side you’d comfort me,
Keeping the tears from my eyes.

Would you like to play a game? Game of Numbers Edition


Alright. The time has come. Far too many boys have been begging. So it is time for another game.

If you like this and message me, you get to play the Game of Numbers.

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I need a lil’ bit of soul to get me right

Missing You

December 31, 2013


This had been originally a letter to a friend. But did not have a chance to finish and mail it. Now it’s finished.


Born, January 24, 1937    Elliot completed radiation and chemo on the 20th. Elliot was saying the procedure only took 20 minutes. Afterward taking the chemo pills. By the time they got home Elliot head for bed. Dee for her chair. There he stayed till the next appointment. Dee & Elliot got up at 5am for those 7am appointments.

I tried doing as much as possible. When Elliot called to Dee, she would be sleeping or reading, I’d go see if I could help. Understanding what he was saying was difficult at best. His speech sounded like a slur over slurring. If Dee was sleeping I’d try to take care of it. Not wanting to wake her. With being up at at 5am for the 7am appointment. You could tell it was wearing on her. Still she was doing a majority of tending to his needs. I pick up the slack by doing more around the house. Which went on till just after Christmas.

    After the first of the year until just before his birthday on the 24th  he’d sit in his lounger longer and speaking much clearer.

    (There is something bothering me. A few days before Christmas Dee and I were talking. I said, “that’s all over with”. Meaning the radiation and chemo. She replied (not verbatim), the worst is yet to come. [or words close to that]

I didn’t like the sound of what she said. So immediately put the words out of my mind. A pang was left in my stomach).

    The survival rate for liver cancer is 5 years. Their doctor said, it was caught early. My research says “only a small number of liver cancers are found in the early stages and can be removed with surgery”. Also, with early diagnose  radiation can be successful.

He came out for his birthday and sat in his lounger. When Dee gave him he’s birthday card Elliot seemed a little bit out-of-it.

    After his birthday He started to go downhill and did not leave his bed. I had also learned the cancer had spread into the colon. As it spread Elliot’s stomach would get larger. With that, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to maneuver him on the bed.

    The 19th he was having trouble breathing. Later that night he asked Dee to call the paramedics.

    Elliot passed away on February 20, 2014 at 12:01 am. He was DOA in route to the hospital.   Elliot was a most very close friend. So close Dee, Elliot and I considered me and I them family.

    Elliot will be missed.


Elliot drying Jasmine

Suck ass valentines day

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