CAUTION! NSFW! 18+ An alter(ed) ego.

Me- TS/T-girl [male2female], post or non-op, on hormones since: 12.01.2004, single, retired, true blonde, 5'7, blue eyes, 36A, 60, not collared and 100% submissive. I like under the bust corsets, waist cinchers, fish nets, shelf bra (so nipples are exposed for access), nothing lower than 4'' heels and pleasing men with a talented tongue and mouth.

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A Blind Eye

When looking in back of me,
The past is there to see.

What is it to my front,
The future it lays before me.

Nothing can be seen for the present,
Except what the eyes can see.

Our Past has no future,
And the future has no past.

Only the present is what we make it,
The future is what the present once was.


The Highlight Of My Week

I’m a hideous freak now.  While washing my motorcycle in the driveway this afternoon.  The other person was backing the SUV into the driveway.  Back up right into the left rear turn signal.  (The turn signal is on a bracket which extends out from the back fender)  I was laying parallel cleaning the underside of my bike.  When the next I knew was my bike being pushed back toward me.  That stopped and my bike rested onto its kick stand.  Getting up the SUV was making a second attempt in backing up.  Yelling. “Stop”!  “Stop”!  The person in the SUV stopped, got out and came to the rear. Where my motorcycle and I was standing.  That’s when the person said, “what’s wrong with your arm”?  Looking down I saw just below the left elbow.  Where the motorcycle had pushed into my arm and scraped an 11x5 centimeter area of skin off the forearm.  No there is a wrap of gauze follow with sticky gauze and tape over the area.

All experiences are positive
The only negative experiences
Are those not learned from

(in other words pay attention)

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